ONE OF KIND Catering services that MOVES WITH YOU, ADAPT TO YOU, WORK FOR YOU. WITH OUR Taco truck THAT fit your needs and more.
Seattle based taco truck specializing in Authentic Mexican Cuisine.
Serving you the best in Traditional Mexican Cuisine, made fresh daily.
We also offer professional catering and we are available for any type of banquet. Have you been craving truly authentic Mexican food in the Seattle area? Well, Los Chilangos has got what you've been looking for. We're driving a taco truck packed to the brim with family recipes, generations of culinary experience, and farmers' market fresh ingredients on the Eastside, and out of the window on the side we're dishing out the Mexico City style street food you've unknowingly been waiting your entire life for. And seeing as we're already on wheels, we've developed a catering service that can deliver these savory dishes right to your home or business for any size party or function.
We Come To You